Stage for Debates

Stage for Debates

It's time to work it Right

It is a place where all the pastors who believe in the Reformed Faith come together and have a debates to encourage and strengthen each other as well as build biblically sound. Our main goal is to strengthen the Church. 


We believe Word of God is true and it was revealed by Triune God. We hold the tradition of Apostles.


We share the Love of the Christ, and take part in call to serve for Great Commission.


We believe christian faith supposed to exercise on Sabbath day.

Featured Debates

Doctrinal Dabets

In our debates we discuss mainly on Reformed Protestant Faith of Church. We facilitate the gathering of group of pastors from Reformed faith tradition. The main focus is to understand Word of God as God was given to Church. 

Debate Forums

Lead Foundation blessed with all the partner Churches and pastors. All the debate forums focus is on Christian doctrines, cultural challenges on christian faith, freedom of religion, and also communal challenges in secular settings.

Group Bible Studies

Lead Foundation’s core belief that strengthening and supporting church through out the year via bible studies. Bible Studies are the core of our church community calling, and we are holding that as one of primary programs we do.

What Our Pastors say

I've been blessed by these debates as well as my congregation. It was an eye opening to me that Lead Foundation can do this for greater good.


I feel incredibly gained doctrinal knowledge and able to discuss with other pastors. It is also great place to me to engage deeper questions that I struggled with.